About GrowlerFest

GrowlerFest 2015 East + West is a project that showcases the ties between the local food movement, craft beer, and ceramic art.

Project Art invites you to experience growlers in a whole new way.


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14 ceramic artists have collaborated on limited editions of ceramic growlers that was on exhibit at Project Art October 3–December 2. Also on display were vessels by local studio potters. Participating potters included Robbie Heidinger, Tiffany Hilton, Jeffrey Lipton, Maya Machin, Michael McCarthy, Robbie Heidinger, Steve Theberge, & Elenor Wilson.

A celebration with craft beer tastings, local food, and ceramic art was held on Saturday, October 10.

Guests joined us for a potluck brunch and slideshow presentation by artist Bradley Klem. Brad has lived much of his life in Arizona, completing a BA degree with a focus in ceramics at ASU in 2014. Brad has since exhibited his work in several national and international juried exhibitions. Last year, he was featured in Ceramics Monthly in the “Undergraduate Showcase.” Currently he is the artist-in-residence and ceramics studio manager at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona. Brad produces pottery influenced by his love of fishing and fueled by his concern for local fisheries.

GrowlerFest 2015 ARTISTS
Molly Ann Bishop,  Jessica Brandl, Chandra Debuse, Carole Epp, Lauren Gallaspy, Kathy King,  Bradley Klem, Sergei Isupov, Justin Rothshank, Paul Scott, Vipoo Srivilasa, Mara Superior, Jason Walker, Kurt Weiser

GrowlerFest 2015 LOCAL POTTERS
Robbie Heidinger, Tiffany Hilton, Jeffrey Lipton, Maya Machin, Michael McCarthy, Steve Theberge, & Elenor Wilson

Project Art (Cummington, MA) is partnering with artist Bradley Klem (Phoenix, AZ),The Eutectic Gallery (Portland, OR) and Portland Growler Company (Portland, OR) to bring GrowlerFest 2015 East + West to the East and West Coasts for the first time. All proceeds go to support resident artist programs at Project Art in Cummington & the Eutectic Gallery.

Project coordinators Alexandra Jelleberg and Bradley Klem’s aim is to create a narrative about the link between the craft brewery movement and the vitality of handmade pottery:

Through the intersection of collaboration and individual aesthetic, we hope to spark investment in handmade objects among a group of people who share a common interest. The enjoyment of food and drink can be greatly enriched by the experience of using the beautiful work artists so thoughtfully produce.

GrowlerFest East + West connects artists working in disparate ways and faraway places to both each other and the craft beer movement by offering the surface of a growler as a way to collaborate with one another, and an exhibition with functional and decorative components to draw parallels and comparisons in form, style, design and philosophy between local and global ceramic artists.

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